Whether for small tournaments, children or for professional leagues, the tasks are always the same. One must set up a web page, advertise the league, register teams, players, take payments, create a game schedule, make a follow-up of games and incidents… the list continues. SportZmind gives you all the tools you need to manage your organization easily. Experience is not needed on the Internet, as our administration panel is simple and well organized, and thanks the system, your web page will be automatically updated.

SportZmind. Online competition manager

Why SportZmind?

It will improve your organization’s profile and save you time and resources

Even a small league can have a professional web site thanks to SportZmind, with multiple pages that not only help you to attend to your users, but that will allow you to offer a complete service. In addition, thanks to ‘automatic tasks’, with just a few clicks you can perform all the daily tasks and can organize multiple competitions on the same web page, saving a lot of precious management time.

SportZmind. Improving your organization’s profile and saving you time and resources


All sports from kids soccer, to professional rugby

Whichever sport you organize, we have it covered. For each sport, SportZmind includes all the statistics of both equipment and players, enabling the organizer to choose what level of detail they want for their leagues and competitions. If we don’t have your sport, our team will review, and include it in a very short time period.

SportZmind. Multisport Manager

Online Registration

Paperless management and reduced data entry

SportZmind has ended the endless form filling and paperwork normally required. Users can register online 24/7, all fully integrated into the system, so it’s not necessary to go to another web site. Our online registration system is simple for users, and allows the organizers to save a lot of time and resources. You can also customize the enrolment options to collect only the data that you need. In addition, you will be able to follow-up on inscriptions and manage waiting lists.

Sportzmind. Paperless registration and reduced data entry

players and Teams

Complete Team and Player management panel

Each team has a complete panel where they can manage their template, calendar, detail of games/competitions and much more. Messaging between players and automated reminders will help your team operate efficiently. In addition, the team can track statistics, payments and accounting, and can even make payments online. For its part the players also have their own private area in which manage their own data.

SportZmind. Complete Team and Player management panel

Automatic Calendar

Generate a full calendar in a few clicks

Our revolutionary automated calendar system will provide you with a scheduling system beyond your dreams. SportZmind will enable you to not only generate a calendar from a few parameters and holidays, but will also take into account all of the preferences of the teams allowing you to always choose the best schedules for all, and reduce the amount of rescheduling, and issues with teams.

SportZmind. Generate a full calendar in a few clicks


All communications in one simgle tool

Sending notifications directly from a platform has never been so easy, as you can choose the recipients from users, teams to employees, via email, SMS and notifications on our mobile app. In addition the automatic notifications will make sure that users are always informed of their games or events, with scheduled reminders.

SportZmind. Notifications through email, sms and mobile app

Results and Statistics

A professional statistics and results system

SportZmind updates all statistics on the website automatically when you update the game stats, saving the organisers and referees a lot of time. Depending on the type of league, you can choose what statistics are displayed, thus providing the correct information for small competitions, with more details for larger, or more professional events. In addition, as a novelty, it will be possible to live stream, or broadcast your games, recording statistics and images at the time they occur, including live comments...And all from mobile devices.

SportZmind. A professional statistics and results system

Referees & Employees

Full interaction between referees and the platform

In addition to managing referees and employees, the system also allows the employees themselves to access the administration tools of the system - confirming attendance, printing reports, updating results...and much more. All this, of course, available through mobile devices and smart watches/sports bands to allow up to date information from your venues. In addition SportZmind will allow the organizer to manage payments to their referees/employees, and general organisation management costs.

SportZmind. Informes y actas de los partidos