Frequently asked questions

No. Any person with a minimum knowledge to surf the Internet can use this platform, with only a few hours required to learn how to use it competently.
No. We take care of everything. In 48 hours we can make the product available at the web address that you have chosen (e.g. You only need to access the program from any device with Internet access to begin to operate.
SportZmind allows the organization of any competitions in a fast and reliable manner. It will significantly improve the presence of the users and client, offering them the possibility of carrying out a comprehensive range of actions including the monitoring of the competition and enabling users to interact with your website, getting your users more involved.
In addition to the services of competition management, SportZmind provides support for the rental of facilities, management of sports clubs and much more, including personalised systems. Any Web service you need we can offer.
Every year we release a new version of the software with all of the modifications and add on’s that our clients request. In addition to this we can offer personalised modifications where your requirement is highly unique, and at a price well below the production of your own software.