Whether for a small local run, or for mountain bike event, the needs are very similar - Configure a web page to publicise the event, register participants, accept payments, follow up participants of the event, and the list continues. SportZmind gives you all the tools that you need to manage a system of rent of facilities in a simple way. Experience is not needed on the web, as our administration panel is simple and well organized, and with all entries, your web page will be automatically updated.

SportZmind. Managing running and cycling

Why SportZmind?

Improve the profile of your club, and save time

Even a small club can have a professional looking web site thanks to SportZmind, with multiple pages that not only help you to keep your users up to date, but that will allow you to offer a complete management service. In addition, thanks to clever automation, with just a few clicks you can perform all your daily tasks and can manage everything through the same web page..

SportZmind. Ease of use and timesaving for management

Register online

A facility to register participants online

With SportZmind participants of your event will be able to register quickly and easily, making payments online and providing all the data through our complete, secure, registration system. The system will monitor all payments and inscriptions grouping them into categories, as you require. It will also respect automatically different age groups, or other classifications, should you require.

Sportzmind. No more on site registration, no more paperwork

Online Payments

Online multi-bank payments system

Whatever your bank, we put at your disposal our online payment system. Accept payments from all major debit and credit cards, and all this without leaving the website. Payments will be paid directly into your account, and the system will keep a record of all movements automatically. All of this fully integrated into the system.

SportZmind. Online payments

Participant management

Complete control of registered users

Once a person is registered, you will automatically have all the data of that participant in the event and on the system. These can be classified and grouped as you wish. You can perform searches, send individual or group notifications and even draft up reports of participation.

SportZmind. Participation management

Time management

Timekeeping systems and management

SSportZmind includes a complete system of result and time management, so that the result of each participant can be obtained as it happens. We can even take care of everything and bring the complete system of time management, at your event, on line for you. In addition, the user can also access the system and download their own times and statistics.

SportZmind. Timekeeping Systems


Real-time data

Our system will allow you to provide real-time results as the participants cross the line, with little, or no, management from your team. You will have all the times and classifications perfectly organized so that it is easily accessed by the management and participants from their PC or phone.

SportZmind. Results and times in real-time


All the information at your fingertips

Whatever the report or listing you need, SportZmind has it. From lists of participants to complete results from your events. Each report is customizable, thereby allowing the development of custom reports. All our reports can be exported to Excel and PDF.

SportZmind. Lists of participants and results