Whether for a small local football club, or a professional basketball team, club needs are very similar. Configure the web page, promote the club, register players, take payment, monitoring of games, and the list continues. SportZmind gives you all the tools that you need to manage your club easily. Experience is not needed on the Internet, as our administration panel is simple and well organized, with all changes automatically updated on the webpage.

SportZmind. Sports management software.

Why SportZmind?

Ease of use, and timesaving for management

Even a small club can have a professional looking web site thanks to SportZmind, with multiple pages that not only help you to keep your users up to date, but that will allow you to offer a complete management service. In addition, thanks to clever automation, with just a few clicks you can perform all your daily tasks and can manage everything through the same web page.

SportZmind. Ease of use, and timesaving for management

Web Page

A web page that a professional club would be proud of

Your club can take advantage of all the benefits of our general management system to keep all the information of the club up to date - news, sponsors, videos, downloads, surveys and much more. The biggest advantage is that we have a customizable layout, allowing you to choose between multiple templates, colours and images...and if all this is not enough, we give you the opportunity to create your own unique designs too.

SportZmind. A web page that a professional club would be proud of

Records and statistics

One step ahead of any club

SportZmind will enable you to automate and record all activities of the club, from a summer training camp to a children’s academy. Participants may register via the web, making payments online and providing all the data through our registration system. The system monitors all payments and inscriptions.

Sportzmind. No more paperwork and less administration

Users Zone

More information on the web, less paperwork

The users have a complete control panel through which they can update their personal data, review their statistics, review their payments, review upcoming events, photos, videos, through to notifications of games, meetings and training.

SportZmind. All the information of the club, to the statistics of the players

Teams and players

Absolute control over your teams

The club you can keep track of all of their teams, players and committee. At all times you will be able to review any player, make notes, or review your statistics. In addition, we also have a comprehensive player management system for coaches.

SportZmind. Management of teams, players and coaches

Follow up

Internal management, web information

Clubs can also review all of the teams in their club, notifiying them of their oposition, clasification and review the games and statistics of their players. SportZmind updates all statistics on the website automatically when you update game details, saving time and effort for the club and its managers. Also, as a novelty, it will be possible to the live broadcast all the games, allowing you to record statistics as they occur, including live comments...And all from your mobile device.

SportZmind. Review all team games and statistics


Users will always be up to date

With our notification system, your members will always be up to date. Whether it is a change of training schedule, or a cancellation, you can inform users via e-mail, SMS or through the mobile app, and all of this from the clubs own platform.

SportZmind. Notifications through email, sms and mobile app