Whether for a small installation with a few tennis courts, or for a large complex with track and field, and other various sports, the needs are always very similar – Establish rates, registering reservations, receiving payments, managing reservations, and the list continues. SportZmind gives you all the tools that you need to manage a system of rent of facilities in a simple way. Experience is not needed on the web, as our administration panel is simple and well organized, and with all entries, your web page will be automatically updated.

SportZmind. Reserve venues online

Why SportZmind?

Ease of use, and timesaving for management

Even a small installation can have a professional website thanks to SportZmind, with multiple pages that not only help you to keep your users informed and managed, but that will allow you to offer a complete service beyond that. In addition, thanks to clever automation, with just a few clicks you can perform all the daily tasks, not only managing the rentals, but offering more information on the website.

SportZmind. Ease of use, and timesaving for management

Reservation calendar

Venue occupation at a glance

Both clubs and users will be able to see the status of all the facilities, with the scheduling and occupation in real time. You can check the weather forecast or view the details of each facility, who has rented, and even carry out a search for specific availability. In addition, with just a few clicks you can reserve and pay online.

SportZmind. Complete calendar and reservations

Rates amd discounts

Customise your rates relative to the day and hour

You can manage multiple rates to suit every hour of the day, or every day of the week. In this way the club you can maximize their income. You can also configure discounts that could be available to certain users, or certain hours and specific days. You can even limit the number of discounts available over a time.

SportZmind. Customizable discounts and rates

Customer management

Total control over your users and their history

Through the administration panel, you will have access to all the information on the users, their data, historical rentals, payments, and you can even view the status of their account. You can also send notifications to those users from within the application itself by email, SMS or through our mobile app.

SportZmind. Complete management of customers

Online payments

Online multi-bank payments system

Whatever your bank, we put at your disposal our online payment system. Accept payments from all major debit and credit cards, and all this without leaving the website. Payments will be paid directly into your account, and the system will keep a record of all movements automatically. All of this fully integrated into the system.

SportZmind. Online payment system


Keep an eye on your financial status

Maintain up to date financial records for the venue. The system automatically collect all payments and classified. From rentals to the monthly instalments of partners. View reports to know the current financial status of your business, with the system also allowing you to export to PDF and Excel.

SportZmind. Club and rental accounts


Users will always be up to date

Through notifications, clubs can keep users informed at all times, and be able to send notifications via e-mail, SMS or our mobile app. All this is available from the club platform. In addition, it will manually, or automatically send reminders of their training, current games and outstanding contributions.

SportZmind. Notifications through email, sms and our mobile app

I want to play!

Organise games between users

SportZmind gives the possibility to users to organize their own games, and to search for players by level and availability. This system will foster links between users, and in addition will provide users another outlet to play their sport.

SportZmind. I want to play! Organising games for users